Rusev Replaced by Chris Jericho at Greatest Royal Rumble Event

News has just been broke that WWE fan favourite, Rusev, will be replaced by Chris Jericho in his planned casket match with The Undertaker. On announcing the original match, WWE received backlash from fans with outcry that they were “literally burying” Rusev. In response to fan outcry, Rusev made the following tweet.


Despite the initial protes, I felt like a match with The Undertaker would be a significant rub for Rusev (even with the inevitable loss) as, at this point in Taker’s career, getting to wrestle with him is likely seen as a privilege by both WWE and their superstars, alike. I’m disappointed in the change because it could have presented Rusev with a massive opportunity to step up and prove himself to his doubters within the WWE. Don’t get me wrong, however, i’m delighted to see Jericho back in a WWE ring in a high profile match with the Deadman himself but this move just raises more questions as to what on Earth is going on.

Hopefully we will still see Rusev on the Greatest Royal Rumble card being used elsewhere, as long as it isn’t an early elimination, because that would be the worst possible thing to do on Rusev Day.

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