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As of this moment, i’m a student studying a business and management degree at the University of Sunderland in North-East England. I’ve always been an avid reader of blogs and always held an interest in starting my own, but doubted myself in the sense that I didn’t think I was interesting enough. However, my outlook on things have changed and now i’m doing this for fun, like I should have started to do years ago.

A bit of history on me, I took a year out of University to go and live in Austin, Texas for a year and completed a year-long internship with White Lodging Services, which is where I feel I developed my fondness of interacting with vast amount of different people, which is perhaps my main reason for starting the blog in the first place. It was there that I also got to attend my first live wrestling event – an episode of Monday Night Raw, which reinvigorated my lost passion for wrestling. I also had the pleasure of encountering Titus O’Neil and Arn Anderson, individually, although the conversation was limited as they were clearly very busy.

I don’t feel as though i’m going to operate this blog with a theme, as I am likely to just write whatever interests me at the time. Although with that in mind, i’d imagine topics such as professional wrestling, gaming and football/soccer (whatever you want to call it) will likely feature heavily.

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